Doc Frison at Sunrise

"Doc", as he was affectionately called.

Was born in the shadow of the Big Horn Mountains, at Ten Sleep, Wyoming. His Grandparents, Jacob & Margaret Frison, father George S. Frison, and uncles together had a combined ranch of some 2,000 acres of prime mountain range.

Old Picture Downtown Ten Sleep Wyoming
Old 1920 County Mape of Tensleep Wyoming

Sleepy Ten Sleep, Wyoming.

Home of the Pioneer Frison Family. Grandparents Jacob (Jake) & Margaret Frison, father George S., and uncle Paul and aunt Annella all came and
homesteaded in this Big Horn area in 1901.

Ten Sleep Area

Old maps from the area showed evidence of the Frison family by the Frison Dome
marked in the upper left.

Grandpa Frison and wolfs
Grandma Frison and George

Jacob Frison

Doc's grandfather Jake Frison had to hunt to survive the rough conditions of the Big Horn mountains in Wyoming. Here we see six wolves caught and chained together.

Grandma Margaret

Grandma Margaret Frison (middle) raised Doc and was his best companion growing up. She took Doc under her wing at the age of two and taught him many important lessons in life.


Picture Downtown Glendive Montana
News Clipping George S Frison's Death

Glendive, Montana

Doc's father George Frison and mother Metta Carr were married March 1924 in Glendive Montana

Tragic Accident

Three months prior to Doc's birth his young father died in a tragic accident when his rifle discharged killing him instantly, August 1924.


"Doc" 1942 U. S. Navy

"Doc" Navy BluesFrison in Navy Blues

Navy WhitesNavy Whites and USS Navarro Ball Cap


Dog TagNavy Dog Tag


Navy CardNavy service card



When Pearl harbor was attacked December 7th, 1941 George was 17 years old and Grandma Margaret would not let him join the military.

In 1942 George enrolled at the University of Wyoming and immediately joined the U.S. Navy


When "Doc" turned 18, November 11 (Veterans Day), he was sent to the Great Lakes Naval Training Station, Chicago, Illinois, then onto the gunnery control system schools at Newport, Rhode Island and from there to San Diego, California.

December 16, 1944

In San Diego, California George boarded the newly commissioned APA-215 U.S.S. Navarro (named after Navarro County, Texas).

APA was the Navy's designation for an attack transport. "APA" stood for Auxiliary Personnel, Attack. These were the ships that carried troops into battle with their combat equipment and land them on hostile shores.

Easter Sunday April 1st, 1945

U.S.S. Navarro, reached her destination, Okinawa, and the invasion began. Unloading was accomplished in record time and not a single boat was lost in the treacherous coral reefs and surf.  It is interesting to note that Navarro was one of the very few ships to come through the invasion with all her boats in working condition.

With several air alerts, a plane singled out Navarro for attack -- and that one was deflected by flak and plunged flaming into the sea. So effective was screening and air cover that the gun crews fired on the enemy only three times.


APA 215USS Navarro APA 215


WWII MedalWWII Medal


George & June Frison

Carolyn June GlanvilleCarolyn June Frison

MarriedGeorge and June Frison


Georges with their wivesGeorge and June Frison with good Freinds George & Geri Zeimens



The love of "Doc's" life was born April 9th in Crosby, Wyoming. Crosby was a coal mining town north of Thermopolis, Wyoming.

June's father was a coal miner at Crosby.

September 8th, 1946

Returning from the war George looked up an old Ten Sleep friend, June Glanville, and was married to her shortly after. The union lasted some 65 years with June mothering most of the University Wyoming archeology students.


June passed August 22, 2011. George, friends and the U of W all lost a wonderful lady.

Above we see George and June Frison with two of their dearest friends George and Geri Zeimens.

Old Picture Downtown Ten Sleep Wyoming
Old 1920 County Mape of Tensleep Wyoming

Long Line of Hunters

George's ancestors hunted for food and for survival of the ranch as can be seen in the countles newspapers articles about their hunting exploits.

Doc's grandfather Jake is shown to have donated a deer head mount to the Stock Growers State Bank which was displayed there for years. His father George S. Frison, collected a bounty on 16 coyotes killed in April 1918.

Hunting Knowledge

Doc gained a great knowledge of all animals to include game and livestock where he learned their movements, anatomy, and range. This along with his several hunting excursions helped him to detail the paleoindian hunting techniques and methods. Several books and articles came from Frison's study of the chase and kill.

Old Picture Downtown Ten Sleep Wyoming
Old 1920 County Mape of Tensleep Wyoming
Old Picture Downtown Ten Sleep Wyoming
Old 1920 County Mape of Tensleep Wyoming

The Rest Is History and Archeology

The Teacher

Old 1920 County Mape of Tensleep Wyoming

The Author Old 1920 County Mape of Tensleep Wyoming

The Awards

Old 1920 County Mape of Tensleep Wyoming


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