Looking From The Mine to Sunrise Town



Looking From The Mine to Sunrise Town

"Designed by architect William W. Stickney for the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company, and constructed in 1917. the imposing, Italian Renaissance Revival-style brick building was and still is the centerpiece of the Sunrise community."


Dedicated August 18, 1917, this YMCA was the first YMCA built in Wyoming. It cost $32,000 to build, built to be very rugged, and is a testimony to Colorado Fuel and Iron Co., and John D. Rockefeller Jr., who included all the amenities. The YMCA became the cultural center for the area.

During its long life it housed a three lane bowling alley; theatre, basketball court, movie hall, soda fountain, pool room and barbershop.

"Americanization" classes were held here for the various nationalities that called this home. High school basketball games, dances, political rallies were all held here.


Presently the Sunrise Historic and Prehistoric Preservation Society, (SHAPPS) owns the building, working to restore this magnificent historical monument. Working with members, donors, and public support, they have made great advancements in structurally restoring the integrity of the building. However, much more is needed.

The roof has been re-shingled to stop any water damage creeping into the interior. The interior is transforming into a grand museum and educational facility.

We can use your help for almost any job including painting, masonry, decor, framing, gardening, plumbing, and heating.


Much more work is needed to bring this historic building back to its majestic luster.

Sunrise Skilled Trades, a youth skills camp led by Troy Reichert, has been repairing and replacing entry doors and old windows.  Generous sponsorships from Harbor Freight, Reiman Corp, the Daniels Fund,  Associated General Contractors of Wyoming, Education Initiative Trustees U of W, Skills USA of Wyoming, and 5R Construction, have made all this possible.

We Still have lots to do and you can help. Please click on the DONATE or Membership buttons at the top of page to join us.


1920's Interior of YMCA building


Here you see a 1927 magazine photo taken showing the main lobby of the YMCA with the soda fountain on the right and the far room holds the billiard room graced with the old fireplace which is still in place.
Old Sunrise Mine and Glory Hole


An exterior photo taken of the glorious YMCA, it housed the three lane bowling alley and shower rooms in the basement, the middle floor had the lobby with a barber shop, soda fountain, billiard room, and offices, the third floor had a movie projection area, stage, and basketball court.

American Antiquity magazine cover showing Powars II objects

Sunrise Skilled Trades (girls)

This picture shows grades 10-12 school girls with the Sunrise Skilled Trades class scraping, sanding, painting and virtually turning the old doors of the YMCA back into their vintage charm.

In summer 2023 the group of coed students from as far away as Pennsylvania and Florida will be learning skills and work ethics.

Original Powars II site of Red Ochre Mine

Sunrise Skilled Trades (boys)

This picture shows grades 10-12 school boys with the Sunrise Skilled Trades class replacing broken windows, scraping, sanding, re glazing, painting and turning these old windows of the YMCA into elegant working windows.

The Sunrise Skilled Trades students must apply for entrance into this life changing program, which would not be possible except for the private and corporate donors.


Much more is needed!

The old skeletonized three lane bowling alley in the 1st floor still has the old manuallty hand pin setting apparatus at the far end. This brings back memories for those old timers who operated and actually set pins in the old bowling alleys in their youth. Some of the old flooring has been taken up and salvaged.

However, now the SHAPPS organization wants to fully restore the alley to its original function and have old fashion bowling tournaments to show the youth how their grandparents and even great grandparents enjoyed their past.
Overhead view of town of Hartville

What can you help with? 

The third floor gym and stage area.

July 8th, 2005, the YMCA building as part of the Sunrise Mine Historic District, was listed on the US Department of the Interior, National Register of Historic Places. This included 20 buildings, 14 sites, and 5 additional structures to include Industrial, Domestic, Social, and Transportation related sites.
The YMCA is significant because it envelopes several areas to include; Industry; Engineering; Community; Commerce; Ethnic Heritage, and Social Histories.

Transforming Into Museum and Learning Center

  • Jewett Mammoth Site Collection (Archeology)
  • Fisher Site Collection (Archeology/Anthropology)
  • Sunrise Mine Collection (Mining /Geology)
  • Buffalo Bones Collection (Archeology/Anthropology)
  • Fluorescent Minerals Display (Geology)
  • Manos & Metates Display (Archeology/Anthropology)
  • Dr. George Frison Life Display (Ranching/Archeology)
  • Cheyenne Deadwood Stage Route Display (History)
  • Hunting and Trapping Display (Archeology/Anthropology)
  • JewettMamouth Display in YMCA
    Floresent Rock Display YMCA

    Historic and Prehistoric Displays

    Today Historic and Prehistoric Displays now grace many of the areas throughout the old YMCA building to include this, Jewett Mammoth Site, display.

    Along with Prehistoric displays there are displays of life in Sunrise, Wyoming, Mining Displays, mineral displays, Wyoming History displays, and much more.

    Florescent Rock Display

    In a dark room next to the bowling alley SHAPPS has a Wyoming florescent rock display.



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